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Pool Ranger was established in 1992 and is a manufacturer and wholesaler of domestic and commercial swimming pool and spa products.

The business has warehouses located in NSW and WA supply to the Australian and New Zealand market. Pool Ranger has an extensive range of 8000 products with a well organised delivery and support system. Pool Ranger offers old-fashioned service and reliability while delivering high-level technical expertise and product knowledge.

Access Covers

Sturdy, weather-resistant access covers designed for pools, ensuring safety and durability with easy installation and sleek, unobtrusive design.


Efficient, high-performance pool blowers, offering quiet operation, energy savings, and enhanced circulation for cleaner, healthier swimming environments.


Premium quality pool chemicals for balanced water, ensuring algae control, pH stability, and crystal-clear, safe swimming conditions.


eliable, user-friendly pool chlorinators providing consistent chlorine distribution, ensuring clean, safe water with minimal maintenance required.

Control Systems

Advanced pool control system, offering automated management of temperature, filtration, lighting, with intuitive interface for effortless pool maintenance.

Dosing Systems

Efficient pool dosing system for precise chemical management, ensuring optimal water balance and clarity with automated, user-friendly controls.

Drain Covers

Durable, safety-focused pool drain covers, designed to prevent entrapment and enhance water flow, compatible with various pool types.


High-efficiency pool filters, designed for maximum debris removal and water clarity, with easy maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Gate Latches & Locks

Secure, weather-resistant pool gate latches and locks, ensuring safety and restricted access with robust construction and easy installation.

Handover Kits

Comprehensive pool handover kits, including essential maintenance tools, safety equipment, and user guides for new pool owners.


Energy-efficient pool heaters, designed for rapid, uniform heating, offering durable construction and easy operation for year-round swimming comfort.


Sturdy and slip-resistant pool ladders, designed for safe, easy access with durable materials and comfortable, ergonomic steps.

Main Drains

High-capacity pool main drains, engineered for optimal water circulation and debris removal, with anti-vortex design for safety.

Pool & Pipe Fitting

Durable, leak-proof pool and pipe fittings, designed for easy installation and seamless integration in various pool plumbing systems.

Pool Cleaners

Automated, high-performance pool cleaners, ensuring thorough debris removal and efficient cleaning with user-friendly operation and minimal maintenance.


Robust, energy-efficient pool pumps, offering powerful, quiet operation for optimal water circulation and filtration in all pool types.


Stylish, durable pool rails, offering safe, supportive grip, weather-resistant material, and easy installation for various pool designs.


Clear, durable pool signage, designed for safety and compliance, featuring weather-resistant materials and easy-to-read instructions for swimmers.

Skimmer Boxes

Efficient pool skimmer boxes, designed for effective surface debris removal, featuring durable construction and easy maintenance for pool cleanliness.

Skimmer Lids

Sleek, durable pool skimmer lids, ensuring safety and seamless integration into pool decks with easy access for maintenance.

Spa Products

Luxurious pool spa products, enhancing relaxation and health with quality ingredients, soothing aromas, and skin-friendly formulations.

Underwater Lights

Vibrant, energy-efficient pool underwater lights, enhancing ambiance with a variety of colors, durable design, and easy installation.


Stunning pool waterfalls, creating a tranquil atmosphere with elegant designs, easy installation, and soothing water flow for enhanced aesthetics.

Water Testing

Accurate, user-friendly pool water testing kits, offering quick and reliable analysis for pH, chlorine levels, and overall water quality.

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