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Freshwater Pool Systems

Naked Pools reimagines luxury pools through eco-friendly designs. Their chemical-free, crystal-clear waters redefine swimming experiences. Smart water systems and bespoke designs merge sustainability and elegance, setting new standards in pool aesthetics and environmental consciousness.

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Naked Freshwater Bundle Package

Make pool maintenance even easier when ordering the Naked NKD-R Freshwater System and Naked NKD-pH Controller together.

Naked NKD-R Freshwater System

Everything you require for a complete freshwater swimming experience. One system suitable for pool sizes from 5,000 – 150,000 Litres.

Naked NKD-pH Controller

The perfect compliment to your Naked NKD-R Freshwater System is the new Naked NKD-pH Controller acid feeder. 

Naked Pools Ioniser Rods

Naked Pools replacement Ioniser Rod set with lead and connector plug.

Naked Pools Oxidiser Electrode (Cell)

Replacement Oxidiser Electrode with lead and connector plug. 

Naked Pools Copper Test Kit

Colorimetric Test for Copper cz.

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